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instin - kultura bezpieczeństwea is a company providing training, consulting and auditing services dedicated to business entities and public institutions. The company’s main specialties are business security, protection of persons and property, security of mass events, security and public order, crisis management and business continuity.

polski komitet normalizacyjny

Polski Komitet Normalizacyjny (PKN) {The Polish Committee for Standardization} is a national standards body that is responsible for organizing standardization activities. PKN is not a government administration body, it is a public law entity. It operates under the Standardization Act of September 12, 2002.

smartcity expert

Smart City Expert is a blog covering the implementation of smart cities in Poland. It focuses on issues of integrated urban management, sustainable urban development, the use of data in urban management and data management, as well as promoting good Smart City practices in Poland, Europe and the world. Read more:

instytut mikromakro

Instytut Mikromakro {The Micro-Macro Institute} is a think tank emphasizing the popularization of strategic thinking about the state, society and the economy both at the micro level – at the level of a local action group, local government or company – and at the macro level – at the national and global level.

The magazin's logo "Ochrona i Bezpieczeństwo"

„Ochrona i Bezpieczeństwo” {“Protection and Security”} is a bi-monthly magazine from the security industry. It publishes articles on: protection of persons and property, information security, technical security, fire protection and other security material.