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We are a decentralized organization in which we do most of our work remotely.

So we are open to working with everyone, regardless of where you live or the time you can devote to think tank activities. Check out our suggestions. Maybe one of them is just right for you?

We accept applications all year round!


Are you a practitioner or researcher? Do the think-tank’s interests overlap with yours? Would you like to become a Security Observatory expert?


You can complete an internship with us funded by labor offices, foundations and other support institutions, universities or other entities.

The internship is carried out in accordance with the agreement between the parties, applicable laws and the requirements of the supporting entity.

Student internships

Student internships are available to students of all years of study with us. We are open to accepting both mandatory and optional internships that are the initiative of the student. In each case, internships are free of charge.

We prefer students of security, management, administration, rescue, psychology, sociology, cultural studies, engineering, electronics, computer science, telecommunications and similar majors.

If you are a student of other fields of study, then also write to us. Our experts graduated from very different majors. All details about the date of internship and working hours will be adjusted to the needs and capabilities of both parties. We are demanding, but flexible.


The invitation to volunteer is extended to all people, regardless of age, education, place of residence, etc.

You can become our permanent volunteer or only for the duration of a specific project. Or maybe you are building your portfolio and would like to do something for us?

If you need you will receive a certificate of volunteerism from us.

Obserwator bezpieczeństwa


If none of the higher suggestions are suitable for you or you are temporarily unable to use them remain our observer.

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