9th Edition of the Droniad GZM 2022 competition and World Urban Forum WUF11

In June, we were a partner of the 9th Edition of the Droniada GZM 2022 competition. The event was held from 25-30.06.2022 at the Katowice-Muchowiec airport.

Droniada is a technology competition organized in the formula of a multidisciplinary competition, accompanied by conferences, workshops and drone demonstrations. The event is primarily attended by universities, R&D institutions and, Industry 4.0 technology companies. Droniada does not limit itself to matters of using drones as flying robots, but places emphasis primarily on cloud computing, machine learning with elements of artificial intelligence and the combination of change detection with a precision drop mechanism

Droniad GZM 2022 was a companion event to the World Urban Forum WUF11, held simultaneously in Katowice – the most important global event on urban policy, transformation and development organized by UN-Habitat.

For more information on the previous and next edition of Droniada, click tutaj.

Latest news

May 17, 2024
On February 19, 2024, Security Observatory expert Maj. Cezary Mecwaldowski was appointed Commander of the Central Prison Service Training Center in Kule
May 10, 2024
Security Observatory expert Cezary Mecwaldowski participated in the MIRAD project (short for Multi-Ideological Radicalization Assessment towards Disengagement) coordinated by the Conservatoire National
February 9, 2024

Security Observatory expert Sergiusz Parszowski has become a member of the Organising Committee of the Droniad Challenge 2024 (full list at: https://droniada.eu/komitet-organizacyjny/).