The Security Observatory participates in the international SHIELD4CROWD project!


SHIELD4CROWD is a European project on European pre-commercial procurement and technological innovation to protect public spaces.

SHIELD4CROWD brings together security practitioners across Europe to identify common vulnerabilities posing threats to the protection of public spaces. Through an iterative process, the project will prioritise relevant challenges and threats, identifying technology gaps and assessing current market opportunities.

The Security Observatory joined the project as a member of the User Observatory Group. The members of the group actively participate in the project by sharing their knowledge and experience so that the project results meet the needs of the end users as much as possible. A representation of our think-tank will take part in an international workshop to be held in Slovakia on 10-12 October.

The project is coordinated by the French national railway operator Societe Nationale SNCF, while one of the project partners is the Polish Platform for Homeland Security.

Latest news

May 17, 2024
On February 19, 2024, Security Observatory expert Maj. Cezary Mecwaldowski was appointed Commander of the Central Prison Service Training Center in Kule
May 10, 2024
Security Observatory expert Cezary Mecwaldowski participated in the MIRAD project (short for Multi-Ideological Radicalization Assessment towards Disengagement) coordinated by the Conservatoire National
February 9, 2024

Security Observatory expert Sergiusz Parszowski has become a member of the Organising Committee of the Droniad Challenge 2024 (full list at: