The Safety Observatory is a member of the Technical Committees of the Polish Committee for Standardisation

Safety Observatory of Technical Members of PKN.

December 22, 2022. The Safety Observatory has been appointed as a member of the Technical Committees operating at the Polish Committee for Standardization.

Our organization will participate in the standardization work in as many as four technical committees, viz:

  • TC No. 52 on Burglary and Assault Alarm Systems
  • TC No. 273 on Mechanical Security Devices
  • TC No. 306 on General Security and Civil Protection
  • TC No. 323 on Services in the Protection of Persons and Property

Technical committees are bodies that participate in standardization work, that is, in the development and updating of standards!

As members of the aforementioned committees, we will, among other things, give opinions and vote on drafts of Polish Standards, European Standards and International Standards and other standardization documents, as well as participate in the work of technical committees of European and international standardization organizations.

Membership in technical committees means the ability to influence the content of standards being developed at international, European and national levels.

More information about standardization can be found here.

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